Middle and High School Team Registration for Regional and State Competition



This page is for those registering for the Florida Science Olympiad MIDDLE AND HIGH SCHOOL Competitions.  If you are interested in registering for the Coaches Workshop, please click here. If you wish to register for the Elementary Competition, please click here.



NOTICE: MIKE MCKEE WILL BE ON VACATION FROM NOV. 18 - DECEMBER 2. Any checks received during this time will not be credited toward your account so there will be a delay in obtaining your team number. Credit Cards will still be processed. For questions please contact Valerie Ledford at valerie.ledford@ocps.net or Judy Champion at judy@floridascienceolympiad.org. Teams at the FSW regional will not receive team numbers or ESUS access during this time.





Payment Options:

Special Early CREDIT CARD Registration:

$235 per team

before Sept. 30


Credit Card Registration


after Sept. 30

Check/PO Registration:

$260 per team

before Nov. 15.


UF Deadline closes on Dec. 10. No teams can register for UF regional after this date.

Late Check or Credit Card Registration:

$300 Per Team

after Nov. 15.


Payment methods include credit card or check.  Teams paying using a purchase order or check will receive an invoice by e-mail for payment. 


If you are new to Science Olympiad, look over the About Us page and the Things to Know section.


Pay with credit card: Special discount prior to Sept. 15.

Early registration deadline: November 15

Late registration deadline: November 16 - December 31

No registration permitted after December 31


Can pay using Credit Card, Check, or School Purchase Order.

No refunds after January 1


NOTE:   One check can be written for multiple teams from the same school, but each team MUST fill out a registration form.  All checks must be made out to Florida Science Olympiad.  Please reference your school name on the check.













THINGS TO KNOW before registering:

  • Fees include:  Regional and state membership, national membership, and one regional competition registration. 
  • As of 2018, the Coach's Manual is available for free at www.soinc.org. To receive your Team Number you must pay for your registration.
  • Once payment is confirmed (credit card) or received (check) you will be able to sign up for self scheduling.
  • Your team can consist of up to 15 students and they will compete in up to 23 events. We don't need to know which events your students will do but just before the competition you will receive an email with directions on which forms you will need to have students fill out and bring with you to the competition.
  • Prior to the competition, you will be asked to fill out the online Team Roster Form and have your principal sign it electronically.
  • Use the rules manual you receive to prepare your students. The team can only compete 1 time in each of the 23 events, but individual students will compete in up to 3-4 events during the competition.
  • Florida Science Olympiad has an open Regional Policy. You are assigned to a region based on the county in which your school is located.  If you can not attend the regional competition in which you are assigned, please indicate which regional you would like to attend in the registration form.  If approved, the regional director will notify you.  No changes can be made after December 31.  Once approved and accepted by the team coach, no further changes can be made.  Note that ALL teams from a school must go to the same regional.
  • All teams must compete in a regional competition and the top teams will be invited to the state competition.
  • Multiple teams can register from a single school, but each must have a different coach (either a teacher or adult).
  • Each team will be asked to provide 2 volunteers (event supervisor or event assistant) who will help run and organize one of the 23 events.