Florida Science Olympiad Workshops




In the past, we have held day long workshops that focus on building and background information on the events. This year, we are providing a shortened FREE seminar for teams who are registered and a nominal cost for all others. The purpose is to learn more about Science Olympiad and still help in understanding the rules and preparing the events. While less building events will be presented, details about the events and how to prepare will still be an important part of the seminar. See a list of dates and locations.


Each region will host a 2-3 hour seminar that will focus on preparing for the regional and state tournament and will include the following aspects:
  • How to organize a team for competition
  • Provide details for the upcoming tournament
  • Provide resources for event preparation
  • Examine the new events for the year
  • Deconstructing and understanding the rules
  • Question and answer session about events
  • Opportunity to network with other coaches

Regional seminars are FREE for the coach of a registered team. Additional attendees or non-registered teams can attend for $15 per person.


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