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Div B - Grades 6-9
Div C - Grades 9-12
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The list of available regionals and dates are here.

UF Regional Deadline is Dec. 10.

Event Supervisor/Assistant Request Each team is asked to provide 2 event supervisors or assistants that will help run an event. Select the top 3 choices of events for which you should be able to provide 2 volunteers. We will confirm assignments with you. If you have people already who can help, please email them to the regional or state director so you can reserve a slot in an event for them. Teams are not required to tell us which events you are competing in. This section is only so we can get enough help to run the tournament.
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Please make sure you can accept emails from our domain ( Some school districts block our domains. If you think the email might be blocked, use a personal email account.


Team number will be assigned after we have received payment. Status of payment can be seen in the team portal.